John Gabriel Borkman in London

John Gabriel Borkman in London

Simon Russell Beale plays Borkman in Ibsen’s towering masterpiece. After being postponed due to the pandemic, this long-awaited play finally opens its doors in London this autumn! 

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John Gabriel Borkman was once a great man. He held an influential position in society with plenty of material and political wealth. But when he's sentenced for fraud, everything comes crashing down and he has to plan his comeback.

At the same time, John's wife Gunhild dreams of putting the ‘Borkman’ name back on the map. It's tricky to restore the family's reputation when Gunhild's twin sister Ella arrives on the Bokrman doorstep. Will anything work out the same way again?

The play was due to run in 2020, but was postponed by two years due to the pandemic. Now, you can catch the Ibsen play at the Bridge Theatre during its limited engagement.

Henrik Ibsen's plays typically force audiences to reevaluate their way of living. As characters are left with no choice but to inwardly look at themselves, those watching an Ibsen play go through a similar journey. 

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